Sayers Grooms has ataxic cerebral palsy, which limits her balance, coordination and speed. Through hard work and perseverance, she progressed to unassisted walking by age 5, but it took the introduction of a RaceRunning bike at age 8 for her to finally experience the exhilaration and joy of running. Since then, she’s been hooked on the sport and has been eager to share its benefits with others.

In 2014, with the support of her family, Sayers founded the Gainesville RaceRunning Club to increase awareness and interest in the sport of RaceRunning in her hometown of Gainesville, Florida. That same year, Sayers began traveling to Denmark to attend the annual RaceRunners Camp and Cup in Frederiksberg. There, she encountered multiple vibrant RaceRunning programs from all over the world and was inspired to work to grow the sport of RaceRunning throughout the USA.

Sayers understands that RaceRunning bikes are expensive. In 2016, to help address the cost issue, she asked to start a nonprofit, Watch Me Run, Inc., to engage in fundraising and promotion efforts for the sport of RaceRunning in America.

Sayers may still be a kid, but she already has big goals for the sport of RaceRunning in the USA. From the moment she took her first steps on a RaceRunning bike, Sayers’s dream has been to share the gift of RaceRunning with others who face mobility challenges similar to hers. Sayers wants others like her to finally be able to say to their friends and family, “Watch Me Run!”

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